Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A poem by Norman Macdonald

At the risk of getting all philosophical I'd like to share one of my favourite poems which sums up beautifully my view of the world around us. Of course I can't argue with the sentiments of the third verse but the last one really does it for me.
Earth, sea and sky around us lie
And we their children are,

Our home the infinite universe

From star to farther star.
Fear not, then people of the world,
Though much is still concealed
Of all the wondrous secrets which
Have yet to be revealed.

Cast off the chains of ignorance
And superstition’s sway.
Let reason be the principle
That lights us on our way.
Strive, nations all, to understand
Each other’s hopes and fears,
And prove that friendship can dispel
The enmity of years.

Let race meet race on equal terms,
The greater help the small,
Their knowledge and their wisdom lend
For benefit of all.
Remember, man, the debt you owe
To all of womankind,
And seek not her to dominate
In body or in mind.

To nature’s verdant mantle pay
Respect and tender heed,
And try to heal the wounds of old
Inflicted by our greed.
Thus, led by hope, informed by truth,
The past we leave behind,
Discerning that tomorrow’s dawn
Is bright for human kind.

I definitely couldn't have put it better myself!

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