Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Protest against wind power stations at Elgin town hall Tue 6th September

On Tuesday next week, Alec Salmond who is the first minister of Scotland will be visiting Elgin for one of his Summer Cabinet meetings. There are a growing number of people who are opposed to his avowed intention to despoil Scotland's precious landscape with wind turbines in an effort to meet his renewable energy targets for Scotland.

If you are available and free at 2pm on Tuesday, meet us outside the Town Hall for a protest about his plans. He needs to see that people are prepared to make their voices heard over the clamour for a fast buck by greedy landowners and developers.

Top Hats optional.....


  1. Good luck with this, Janet.

    I live even further south these days so won't be able to make it. I hope you get a good turn-out. Any chance of getting the coffin there?

    Do you want the press mailing list I used for the Wake for the Wild?

  2. Where does the coffin currently reside?