Friday, 22 July 2011

The latest wind power station proposal - for the hill opposite my house!

Whilst I was away, a letter arrived outlining the proposal to build up to twenty two 126 metre high wind turbines on the hill directly opposite my house. Those of you who have read my blog before will know of my opposition to the numerous wind power stations which are popping up all over the highlands and desecrating our landscape so this is definitely not a case of 'not in my back yard'. The truth is that I don't want it in anyones back yard.

This is the view from my living room window with Brown Muir directly opposite

The scheme is apparently at the outline stages and so the website for the project is pretty pathetic in that it provides very little information on which to base an opinion. See it here: It does say that the company wants our opinion in order to involve the local community so they will be given the benefit of my thoughts in no uncertain terms. The neighbours think pretty much the same as us so we have the nucleus of a campaign forming. Watch this space!!


  1. That's rotten news Janet. You can bet that the only reason they want your views is so they can say that they took them into account when they go for planning. The fact that they will ignore your views entirely doesn't matter - they can say they took them into account...

  2. Couldn't agree more and I told them so when they phoned me this afternoon. The woman I spoke to had very few answers to my questions and her first survey question was 'Do you think that climate change is an issue that needs to be addressed?. You can see their tack immediately.

    This is going to be a big one and the neighbours and I are getting together to fight it tooth and nail. I must say that I don't have a huge amount of faith in our chances of success, most of the households in the immediate vicinity of Brownmuir are tenants of the landowners on whose land it is proposed to be built so no prizes for guessing which way they will vote. It makes me tired just thinking about the campaigning and turmoil ahead - in fact it makes me depressed beyind belief.

  3. This is terrible news and oh so depressingly familiar.