Friday, 1 July 2011

Deciding what to take!

I'm in the process of sorting out exactly what to take with me on Sunday and as I thought, it's a case of putting it all in a big pile and then taking at least a third of it away. It's exciting to actually be getting to this stage. The kitchen sink syndrome is still there though and I'm sure that I will still ditch stuff along the way. The weather is looking positive so it's all systems go.

Today there was an article in my local paper about my walk. I was expecting a picture and a wee write up and what I got was so much better. It told the whole story of why I'm walking and the tears rolled down my face when I read it. I'm really grateful to Craig Christie at the Northern Scot for his time and effort.

Oh well - time to go and shove all my stuff in my pack and see if I can lift it



  1. Have a wonderful time, Janet.
    I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventure.

  2. Thanks Alan, I can't believe it's here. Just want to get on the trail. I get to see my family too - it's going to be an emotional time...XX

  3. Good kuck Janet. I look forward to reading about your adventures